Backyard Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living in Your Own Backyard

Enjoying the outdoors without leaving home by creating an outdoor living space.

Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces

Some people live next to the ocean where they enjoy temperate weather all year round. Others choose the harsh desert or the snowy north. Living in a Winter Wonderland, experiencing a Spring shower, loving the hot Summer and colorful Autumn, outdoor living in your backyard can be a reality.

Comfortable outdoor living requires you to be prepared for all types of weather and that includes your outdoor living space! What if you could enjoy your own backyard while sitting under a heated patio cover? Or host an open house on your patio for your daughter’s wedding? Maybe have a romantic candlelit dinner in the cool evening breeze or watch the big game in your very own outdoor living space.


Indoor, Outdoors and the Space In-Between

Patios and decks serve a particularly unique function as the space that eases the transition of moving between the indoors and outdoors. Whether you step out from an air-conditioned room into the blasting summer sun or a cozy home to the wintery cold, a well-designed outdoor patio space can harmonize your indoor and outdoor experience.

First, you must decide what you want out of your outdoor living space. What is its main function going to be? Are you going to some outdoor entertaining, host barbeques, sit and read a novel, or sit among the flowers? The possibilities are endless! And the available options are too!

Next, take the opportunity to design a space that merges your indoor and outdoor environments. Select furniture that extends your living area and select plants that bring the backyard closer to the house. Maybe you decide on insulated roof panels to keep out the rain and snow while adding some stylish fans to cool the air during the summer.

Covered patios, sunrooms, screen rooms, and covered decks can all be built as a do-it-yourself project or by trusted installers.

What is the Benefit of Renovating Your Outdoor Space?

Done correctly, a well-designed and quality built covered patio, sunroom, or screen room will add value to your home.

  1. Extend your living space and entertainment options.
  2. Meditate and relax next to your favorite water feature and escape the kids for a few minutes.
  3. Host family game night and spend MORE time as a family.
  4. Give your teens a place to socialize while being safely chaperoned.
  5. Installing a new covered patio or renovating your outdoor space gives you a sense of pride of a job well-done!

You can hire a contractor who will use traditional building techniques and materials. They will spend weeks measuring, ordering, cutting, and building your add-on while making a general mess of your backyard. There is a good chance that the custom job will run over your budget and time estimates.

Another option is to order a kit that is built and configured before it is packaged and shipped directly to you. In that case, you need a reputable company that provides excellent customer service, engineering support and structural components that meet or exceed building codes.

Lastly, you could hire a professional and trusted installer that has years of experience of installing your new outdoor living space.


Patio Cover Ideas

  1. Use durable and maintenance free materials. Insulated metal panels are built in several styles and colors to match your home and personal preferences. These panels feature high-tech, moisture-resistant foam sandwiched between two steel sheets that can be shipped in different thicknesses and sizes.
  2. If you are building onto your home, make a plan to manage the water runoff. Direct the water away from the home and places where people will enter and exit. Provide ample overhang around the perimeter.
  3. Plan for lighting, heating, cooling, and design ideas such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces or fire pit, and seating. Maybe add some Tike torches, barbeque grill, or string some lights. Make it your own space.
  4. Remember the utility you are trying to achieve with your living space. Do not go overboard and clutter the space with unnecessary items. Commit to keeping this outdoor space stress free and in tune with its mission to connect people and harmonize your indoor and outdoor living space.