Installed Carport


Are you looking for a covering for your car but don't have the room or funds to build a garage? Building a carport is a great investment at only a fraction of the price.

The only limit is your imagination

Carports offer many benefits and versatility to you as a home owner. Adding a carport that is designed, built and engineered for the Pacific Northwest weather is a must. Long gone are the days when your neighbor erects an ugly carport made from tin roofs and 2x4's. Our insulated-roof panels with snap and lock construction, structurally engineered beams and panels, modern colors and posts make an attractive addition to your home.

Our carports are beautifully designed and can be used to extend your garage or outdoor workspace, shade your vehicles, RV's and other toys. A well-designed carport can also double as a family gathering place. The possibilities are endless.

What are the benefits of a Sun Solutions Carport?

  • Carports are less expensive than adding a garage or outbuilding capable of housing a car.
  • Carports takes minimal space compared to a traditional garage
  • Building a carport is a great DIY Project. Professional Installers can be done in just a few days
  • High-quality construction materials are durable and last for years
  • Beautiful design options add to the beauty of your home and provide great curb appeal
  • Carports protect your vehicles from sun, rain, and hail damage
  • Carports can provide shade for family gatherings
  • Carports allow you to work outside for welding, painting and other tasks that require proper ventilation, even in the rain!
  • Attached carports can reduce sunlight into your homes windows and reduce utility bills


Options, Options, Options

Our carport kits are made to order. Colors, textures, materials and accessories let you be creative and efficient. Our engineering services will ensure that your carport will last and standup to the demands of the weather that we experience in the Pacific Northwest. Our kits can be attached to your home or building or they can be freestanding. They have a full gutter system with downspout and we can include options like ceiling fan beams, or skylights. Maybe you would like privacy walls or have the option to block the wind. Let's see what we can design!

Remember, Sun Solutions can refer you to qualified professional installers so your carport is installed in a breeze. We stock our warehouse with plenty of inventory so we can assemble and ship your Carport kit quickly.

Snow Protection
Water Damage
UV Protection


Whether your idea is simple and elegant, or elaborate and expansive: Sun Solutions has the items necessary to make your vision into a reality.