Commercial Patio Covers

Commercial Covers

Enjoy your outdoor space in a commercial cover...
Designed for comfort, relaxation or fun.

Commercial Sun Solutions

Patio covers at commercial, manufacturing and and industrial properties offer employees a chance to unwind and stay sharp! Beautifully and practical outdoor spaces provide a place to conduct interviews, team meetings, or the occasional BBQ. And why not? The affordability of adding a canopy or commercial patio cover will surprise you. It is a great way to contribute to your staff's mental health.

Beautiful and Practical Outdoor Spaces
Commercial Cover for Public Works

Public Works

Public parks and spaces that provide shade are great for city, county, and state entities to enhance their communities and schools. You might be surprised at how affordable commercial patio covers can be. Even within reach of PTA groups and fundraising initiatives. Pergolas provide a unique place for non-profits and family reunion gatherings, while encouraging folks to get out and enjoy the outdoor spaces around them.

Protection from the Snow
Snow Protection
Prevents Water Damage
Water Damage
Protection Against UV Rays
UV Protection


Whether your idea is simple and elegant, or elaborate and expansive: Sun Solutions has the items necessary to make your vision into a reality.