Patio Covers Provide Shade

Patio Covers

Enjoy your yard from the shade.

Open Lattice

If you love the sun but want to keep yourself from burning, an open lattice design may be the ideal one for you. The open beam design allows you to keep some of the sunshine by creating a subtle shading effect. The open lattice patio covers are versatile for backyard entertaining and resourceful for growing plants that do not need direct sunlight. Call for an estimate.

Open Lattice Style Cover
Solid Lattice Style Cover

Solid Lattice

If you want to keep out of direct sunlight but allow the surrounding daylight, you can by adding a solid lattice patio cover to your existing property. Made from the same Permawood material as our open lattice design, our solid lattice design also allows you to run cables through it to power can lights, ceiling fans, and other devices to make your patio feel like another room in your home. Call for an estimate.


Whether your idea is simple and elegant, or elaborate and expansive: Sun Solutions has the items necessary to make your vision into a reality.