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We stand behind our products and honor our customers by providing support for the lifetime of your Sun Solution

Accidents Do Happen!

Our Warrantee

Our Limited Lifetime Warrantee

Our Sun Solution Kits come with a Limited Lifetime Warrantee against manufacturing defects. We will answer the call to send parts and components if any of our materials fail with normal use. Let's be honest, on rare occassions, customers have executed their warrantee. We are happy to assist and ready to delight our customers by honoring their warrantee.

More often than warrantee issues, we see damage caused by falling trees, automobile accidents in the carport, fire or other destructive events that just... well... happen. We recommend that you notify your home-owners insurance once the project is complete and keep photos available in case you want those events covered under your policy.

In either case, Sun Solutions will be ready to survey the damage, make recommendations, and ship replacement parts. If you chose to erect your Sun Solution through a professional installer, reach out to them for needed repairs.